Important Security Tools

There are a number of basic tools that everyone needs to use, whether you are a security professional or not. Each of these tools is the product of the constant work of many very smart people, keeping up with current threats, maintaining servers, and processing encryption. It is more than any one person could do themselves. For those reasons, here are three tools I wouldn’t go without. 

  1. Anti-Malware Software
  2. Virtual Private Network
  3. Password Manager

“Maintaining your digital security most easily done with a few valuable tools”


Norton Security Anti-Malware

Norton is a big name in anti-malware. I have used them, and their parent product, Symantec, for many years. They are not the cheapest, but I find their software to be effective and easy to use. They also don’t participate in bloatware the way McAfee does. 






If you aren’t sure what a VPN is and why you need it, check out our article here. I like NordVPN because, once again, it is easy to use. It is also reasonable fast and supports many features that others do not. 




LastPass Password Manager

Choosing secure passwords is SO important. Remembering all of those secure passwords is very difficult, especially if you are using different passwords for each account like you should. Read about good passwords here. I have also used Dashlane, but I found LastPass the easiest to use. It has browser plugins as well as apps for my phone, so I am never locked out of my accounts. 







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