Information Security for Health Care Providers

Your road to HIPAA compliance

Hire a HIPAA compliance professional today.

HIPAA doesn’t have to be hard

HIPAA is a large and complex law designed to protect patient’s healthcare information. It applies to everyone who handles patient information, no matter how small. At the heart of the law are 43 requirements covered entities are responsible for implementing. In addition, the policies and procedures for implementing HIPAA are required to be documented and regularly reviews. This is where we can help. 

Whether you are just starting your practice and need help with your initial information security set up, or you need to schedule your annual evaluation, our tools and expertise make the process quick and easy. 

Did you know?

HIPAA does not recognize any certifications. Don’t be scammed by programs that claim to be “HIPAA certified.” Hire a local professional and go through the law together. 


Practices with 1-2 Practitioners

HIPAA training


  • One hour class held on-site for up to 15 staff members
  • One hour Q&A session after class to ensure understanding
  • Includes take home information for staff 
  • Meets the legal requirements for staff training


Annual Evaluation


  • Review of all 18 standards
  • Review of all 43 implementation specifications
  • Includes an on-site consultation
  • Does not meet requirements for HIPAA compliance, but is a necessary step


Annual Analysis


  • Detailed review of HIPAA compliance
  • Report includes custom action items  
  • Includes an on-site consultation
  • Meets all requirements for HIPAA compliance if all action items are completed


Initial HIPAA Set Up


  • On-site consultation 
  • Configuration of anti-virus, encryption, logs, and authentication
  • All required legal documentation of HIPAA compliance included
  • Meets all requirements for HIPAA compliance